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Die stock price in Kenya

A die stock is an important tool during the process of creating threads on different sizes of bolts, pipes and screws. The die stock also known as a diestock or die cast stock is the frame that holds the cutting dies in alignment thereby ensuring the threads are evenly placed. The die stock price in Kenya varies depending largely on the quality of the die stock.

A die stock is also adjustable. It comes with three knobs at the top which change the separation between the threads. You can have the threads placed further or closer to each other depending on the needs. That is not all, die stocks usually come with handles that give you leverage to make the work of cutting threads on tough materials easier.

Quality die stocks at best prices

If you are in the market for high quality die stocks, then we can help you. We stock a variety of die stocks from different renowned tool manufacturers both local and international. Our die stocks are made of tough materials to ensure they last you long and can put up with the brute use die stocks undergo.

Furthermore, our die stocks can accommodate both hex head and round head dies. As such, you are not limited for choice when you choose to buy your die stocks from us.

We are direct suppliers of the tools we stock. That means, we sell directly to you from the manufacturers without any third parties which means you will enjoy the best die stock price in Kenya from us. We believe in offering our clients nothing but the best products and at the most affordable prices.

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