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Grinder Machines

A grinder machine or just grinder is an industrial power tool that uses abrasion to cut or remove material from a work piece. It is used to either cut through materials or during finishing to acquire smooth surfaces. Grinding is done as a finishing process to ensure a high quality surface is achieved that showcases the material as required.

Grinder machines have been around for a long time. Over the years, many different types of grinders have come up some of which are specific to some operations and uses. As such, some grinders may look different from others with a different factor and design. But overall the operation principle is similar only that the design is to achieve more effectiveness and aide ease of use.

Working principle of grinder machines

The working principle of a grinder is easy to understand. A motor in the engine of the grinder rotates and supplies this motion through a belt and pulley system to the rotating disc that works on the material. Different grinder machines perform differently based on the capability of the engine.

Since the motion here is rotational, the power of the grinder is indicated in RPMs or revolutions per minute. A powerful engine will be able to achieve high RPMs allowing you to work on difficult materials and work faster.

Types of grinder machines

Grinders are available in many different types which can be categorized according to how they are used and the design or form factor of the grinder.

In terms of design, the grinders can be categorized either as floor/bench grinders or portable grinders. The bench grinders are used on a bench or while placed on the floor while the portable grinders are handheld and easier to maneuver on the surface being worked on.

Other types of grinders based on how they are used include; cylindrical grinders, surface grinders, swing frame grinders and abrasive grinders.