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Pipe threading machine

Pipe Threading Machine Prices {Limited Stock}
Half by 2" - Ksh 85,000
Half by 3" - Ksh 95,000
Half by 4" - Ksh 110,000

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Pipe threading machines are machines used to cut threads on pipes and conduits. They are available in many different designs but all made with the same working principle. The choice of a pipe threading machine depends largely on your applications and budget.

If you work with large volumes of pipes covered with different materials, it is best to have a free standing, powered pipe threading machine. For individuals that perform occasional home repairs and DIY-ers, a manual pipe threading machine will suffice.

You might also consider investing in a multipurpose pipe threading and cutting machine if you find yourself in situations where you have to cut pipes to size often.

Get the best pipe threading machines

Looking to invest in pipe threading machine? Find high quality pipe threading machines from our rich portfolio of machines. We have in stock machines from different renowned manufacturers. Our machines are ideal for both home repairs, professional jobs, and pipe production. They are made to last and can withstand any type of job you throw at them.

You can choose from manual and power pipe threading machines to suit your needs. We also have free standing and portable pipe threading machines in stock for you to choose from. We supplier our products to all from individual plumbers and other repair men, small businesses to large establishment that might need powerful and advanced pipe threading machines.

When working with high volumes of tough materials, you need a quality pipe threading machine that you can trust. Our machines are made to help you work with tough materials such as stainless steel, galvanized pipes and IMC amongst others.

Browse our wide inventory of machines to find the right pipe threading machine to fit your applications. Shop from us today and get a quality pipe threading machine that will serve you for long.